Elf By Stealth

Elf By Stealth is the best Christmas tradition to play with your friends and family.

Celebrate the joy of giving (and experience what it’s like to be Santa) by stealthily delivering your elf to your friends and family.
Imagine their excitement and delight when they find an elf waiting for them and wonder where it came from!

Elf By Stealth Christmas Game

How To Play:

If you’ve received an elf that’s great news!  Someone thinks you’re special!

You can keep your elf as a Christmas decoration or you can deliver him to someone you think would like some Christmas cheer, just remember to do it stealthily and don’t get caught!

You can deliver the elf with a treat (chocolates/flowers/small gift) or just with his note which you can print out here.

You can keep passing around the same elf or you can buy a new elf to play with. Here is a list of Christmas elves you could use to play Elf by Stealth

Tag us on Instagram and Twitter @elfbystealth #elfbystealth if you’ve found or delivered an elf so your friends and family can join in the fun!

Play along, have fun and enjoy the holiday season!

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