23 Christmas Tree Theme Ideas

Stuck for Christmas tree decorating theme ideas? We’re here to help!
Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, and decorating the Christmas tree is one of our favorite Christmas traditions!

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 23 best and most creative Christmas tree decorating theme ideas so that you can impress your friends, family and Santa with your amazing decorating skills! These 23 magical Christmas tree decorating ideas are sure to make any home feel festive!

1. Winter Wonderland

Bring the outside in with a spectacular ‘Winter Wonderland’ tree like this one from A Pumpkin and a Princess!

Gold, silver and white ornaments, along with a beautiful snow garland, can make any home feel like a Winter Wonderland!

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2. Santa

What could be a better theme for a Christmas tree than Santa himself? With Santa themed signs, red and white baubles and even “Ho, Ho, Ho” in big letters, this festive Christmas tree from Simply Beautiful by Angela would definitely make Santa proud!

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3. Rainbow

How about this beautiful gradient rainbow Christmas tree from Inspired By Charm? With baubles of all different sizes and colors, a tree like this is sure to brighten anyone’s home!

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4. Teddy Bear

What could be cuter than a Christmas tree covered in teddy bears?! A fun tree like this is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face this Christmas! This one from Correia sure makes us smile!

Teddy Bear Christmas Tree

Credit:  Correia

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5. 12 Days of Christmas Advent

If your family loves counting down the days ‘til Christmas, then this tree by Tatertots & Jello may just be perfect for you!

Simply fill 12 different boxes with Christmas treats, jokes, craft ideas or games and have your family open 1 a day in the lead up to Christmas! We think that this is a great idea to get your family extra excited for Christmas!

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6. Snowman

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Who doesn’t love building a snowman at Christmas time?! A snowman Christmas tree like this one from Fox Hollow Cottage is sure to make you feel festive!

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7. Pink

Feeling fun and quirky? Maybe this pink tree is what you’re after! With lots of colors and shapes, this vibrant Christmas tree from Melodrama is sure to brighten up your room!

Pink Christmas Tree

Credit:  Melodrama

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8. Dr. Seuss

A Dr. Seuss Christmas tree? Now, surely this must fill you with glee! With ornaments inspired by several different Dr. Seuss books and movies, plus the iconic ‘Cat In The Hat’ hat on top, a tree like this one from A Pop of Pretty is one that any Dr. Seuss loving family will love!

Dr. Seuss Christmas Tree

Credit:  A Pop of Pretty

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9. Farmhouse

Bring the outdoors in with this rustic Farmhouse Style Christmas tree like this one from Love Grows Wild! You can either buy the pine-cone ornaments or, if you’re feeling creative, try crafting your own out of real pine-cones!

Farm Themed Christmas Ornaments

Credit:  Love Grows Wild

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10. Santa’s Workshop

This ‘Santa’s Workshop’ Christmas tree makes all elves feel right at home! Covered with elves, Santa, snow, mini houses and, of course, lots of bright, festive colors, this tree from Shelley B Home and Holiday will make you feel as if you’re standing right in the workshop!

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11. Blush and Rose Gold

Feeling a little tired of red and green? How about a rose gold and blush tree like this one from Jadore Lexie Couture? It’s beautiful and elegant while still being festive!

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12. Peppermint Candy Cane

How fun is this gorgeous ‘Peppermint Candy Cane’ Christmas tree from Two Twenty One?! Covered in red and white ornaments, including massive candy canes, this tree makes us feel super festive and fun!

Peppermint Themed Christmas Tree

Credit:  Two Twenty One

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13. Plaid Woodland

Maybe a rustic woodland vibe is more your thing – like this one from Inspired By Charm. With the red and black plaid ribbon and cute little red lanterns, this Christmas tree is sure to make you feel outdoorsy!

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14. Green, White and Gold

If you’re looking for an elegant Christmas tree, then this could be perfect for you! You get the elegance of the white and gold, while still being festive with green ornaments and ribbon!

If you want to add an extra touch of class, you could even match your presents to the tree with matching wrapping paper like they’ve done at Inspired By Charm!

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15. Beach

Dreaming of a warm Christmas on the beach? Whether you’re spending Christmas near the water, or just love the beach, this tree from Kelly Leigh Creates might just give you some inspiration!

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16. Traditional Red and Green

Sometimes you just can’t go past the lovely festiveness of a traditional red and green Christmas tree like this gorgeous one from Yellow Bliss Road! A green tree with red ornaments is sure to get anyone in the Christmas spirit!

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17. Gold

This lovely gold tree from Sincerely Marie Designs is traditional and elegant. With gold beads and white candles, this simple Christmas tree would be a nice addition to any room!

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18. Harry Potter

Calling all witches and wizards! Every bookworm will love this incredible Harry Potter Christmas tree! With detailed Harry Potter ornaments and even a plush Hedwig on top, this Christmas tree from Holly’s Home truly is magical!

Harry Potter Christmas Tree Decorations

Credit:  Holly's Home

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19. Woodland

How about a ‘Woodland Creature’ Christmas tree like this adorable one from The Inspired Room? With cute little woodland creatures staring back at you all holiday season, it’s hard not to feel cheerful!

Woodland Christmas Tree

Credit:  Inspired Room

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20. Reindeer

You can’t get much more festive than a reindeer! So why not try a ‘Rustic Reindeer’ themed Christmas tree like this one from Lia Griffith? A regular red and green theme with little reindeer sitting in the tree for that extra little touch of magic!

Reindeer Themed Christmas Tree

Credit:  Lia Griffith

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21. Arctic

How about this beautiful Arctic themed Christmas tree from Pretty Providence? With adorable little animals and snowy white ornaments, this tree is sure to make you feel as though you’re at the North Pole!

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22. Christmas Carol

If you are a music loving family, then maybe you could try a Christmas tree inspired by your favorite Christmas carol or song! Kara from Kara’s Party Ideas created this wonderful ‘Little Drummer Boy’ Christmas tree and we think it was a fantastic idea!

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23. Elf

Last, but certainly not least, comes our favorite Christmas Tree Decorating Theme of all! You guessed it – an elf themed tree!

Who wouldn’t love a Christmas tree abundant with elves? With elf-themed ornaments, and an elf hat on top, in our opinion, this truly is the best Christmas tree idea of all!

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So there you have it – now there is no excuse for your tree to not look absolutely brilliant!

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas this year, you might also like to check out these great white Christmas tree ideas.

So whether you’ve seen a fabulous theme that you’d like to replicate, or just been inspired by these ideas, it’s time to get decorating!

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