About Us

We are a bunch of kind hearted individuals who want to put the joy back into Christmas. We believe people can spread excitement and joy by acting just like Santa Claus, and, in the process, get to experience the joy of giving.

We don’t like the message that some other elves put out there (all high and mighty on their shelves), and we’re here to set the record straight – not all elves are dibber dobbers!

Christmas elves should not here to intimidate you, coerce you into “good” behaviour, or tell tales about you to Santa.
You can cuddle and touch elves as much as you like – they like it!

We truly want you, and all of your friends and family to enjoy the Christmas season. The best way to do that is through spreading love and kindness to all, and, by playing a little game we like to call “Elf By Stealth”.

  • Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to choose a worthy recipient and then stealthily deliver an elf to them.
  • Do not let them know where their new elf came from.
  • You will not be thanked, but you will feel good!
  • You get to imagine their face when they find the elf and start wondering who might have left it for them.
  • You will truly experience the joy of giving!

In the true spirit of Elf By Stealth, you do not need to know who we are, but, if you need to contact us, you can do so here.

Now go forth and spread Christmas joy around like it’s Christmas!

Elf By Stealth