Christmas Elves For Playing Elf By Stealth

Christmas Elves For Playing Elf By Stealth

If you’ve been lucky enough to find an elf on your doorstep, or maybe you’ve just decided to start a new Christmas tradition in your neighborhood, then you might be looking for Christmas elves suitable for using to play Elf By Stealth.

For years we’ve been recommending the cute Christmas elf made by Checkered Fun as the official elf for playing Elf By Stealth. However, alas, this year we discovered that Checkered Fun will no longer be producing their gorgeous little elf.

If you’ve been lucky enough to receive one, you might want to keep it in your family, or you could continue to pass it along, it’s up to you. But, the unfortunate, sad truth is, you won’t be able to buy one of those Christmas elves anymore.

Don’t despair though! You can still play Elf By Stealth with any type of Christmas elf you can find. Every year is different, some years Christmas elves seem to be the flavor of the month and you can buy them just about anywhere, other years they can be harder to come by.

If you’re lucky you might find a bargain at your local Target or dollar store. If you find Christmas elves at a really good price, it might be worth stocking up on a whole bunch of them so you’re ready to play Elf By Stealth for years to come!

Just use our free elf letter printout and pair it with any elf you might find at your local shops, or one of these great Christmas elves we’ve found for you here, available on amazon.

Christmas Elves You Could Use To Play Elf By Stealth

‘Elves Behaving Badly’ don’t have to behave badly, in fact they could bring a whole lot of joy to your friends and family!

Elf on the Shelf doesn’t have to stay on the shelf – take him down and spread that Christmas fun all over the neighborhood!

This Burton and Burton plush elf reminds us a bit of the Checkered Fun elf – cute and fun!

This pair of Christmas elves could bring joy to two families! Or keep them together for twice the fun!

For a different idea, this set of little ‘elf’ people from Fisher Price would be fun for some little people to receive!

Another two pack of elves, this set comes with a boy and a girl elf which can also hang on the tree as ornaments, or could be used for lots of fun in a game of Elf By Stealth!

This cute little set comes with two elf dolls and a sleeping bag for each of them. This means your lucky recipient could wake up one morning to find an elf sleeping in a sleeping bag on their doorstep!

The World’s Smallest Elf On The Shelf could also be used for playing Elf By Stealth – although it might be difficult to spot him sitting on the doorstep as he’s only 4 inches tall!

Technically more of a gnome than an elf, but this guy would still look really cute sitting on your neighbor’s doorstep!

OK, so they don’t have legs, but this little 3 pack of elves is very cute, and you could use them to spread Christmas joy to 3 different families!

A 6 pack of baby elf dolls would also help to spread Christmas joy far and wide!

A posable Christmas elf from Raz imports would also fit the bill.

Or, you could go for this dynamic duo, who also happen to have posable arms and legs.

So, ultimately, we’re sorry to have to share the news with you that our preferred Christmas elf is no longer available for playing Elf By Stealth, but, as you can see, there are plenty of other options available.

Check your local stores or grab one of these great elf options here from amazon and start spreading some Christmas joy through your local community with a game of Elf By Stealth!

All you need is a Christmas elf and a printed letter and you’re ready to play! Don’t forget to be stealthy!

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