Christmas Stocking Theme Ideas

christmas stocking theme ideas

Looking for some fabulous ideas for Christmas stockings? You’ve come to the right place, because this list is filled with the most festive, creative and fun Christmas stocking ideas ever!

With these 18 wonderful Christmas stocking theme ideas, you are sure to find the perfect stocking for you – so take a look below and prepare to be inspired!


These farmhouse style stockings will give a country feel to any room. Farmhouse style stockings are perfect for anyone wanting a rustic Christmas!


Knitted stockings give a lovely cozy feel to any home. These gorgeous Christmas stockings would be an excellent addition to anyone’s Christmas decor!


All pet lovers will be obsessed with these gorgeous pet themed Christmas stockings! Whether the stockings are for a pet or a human, these wonderful stockings are sure to be a hit!

Candy cane

Candy cane themed stockings are a fabulous idea! These wonderful candy cane Christmas stockings are perfect for a fun and festive Christmas decor!


All Disney lovers will be obsessed with these amazing Disney themed Christmas stockings! Here are three wonderful options, including Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse and some Disney Princesses!


Anyone who loves pink will definitely love these gorgeous pink stockings! Here are three different options, in different shades and styles, for you to pick the stocking that best fits with your Christmas decorations!

Christmas characters

You can’t get much more festive than Rudolph, a snowman and Santa! These cheery Christmas character stockings are a wonderful option for all!


Plaid stockings are a great option for anyone looking for a rustic feel. These are sure to make any room feel festive!


How cute is this adorable penguin themed stocking? With three happy little penguins, this stocking is sure to make you smile!


These fluffy stockings are perfect for a warm and cozy Christmas! Make any room feel festive with these simple and fabulous stockings!


How about a magical themed stocking? Here are two gorgeous options – a mermaid tail stocking and a unicorn stocking. These two stockings are perfect for having a magical Christmas!


Sometimes you just can’t go past gorgeous traditional red and white Christmas stockings like these. A red stocking base with a white trim is sure to get anyone in the Christmas spirit!


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Who doesn’t love building a snowman at Christmas time?! A snowman Christmas stocking like this one is sure to make you feel festive!


A Christmas stocking made out of denim may sound a bit peculiar, but if quirky decor is your thing, this could certainly be the stocking for you!


This little gingerbread man is sure to make anyone smile! An adorable gingerbread stocking like this one is perfect for anyone who bakes, or is simply a lover of gingerbread!


These reindeer stockings are sure to give any room a festive feel! Here are two fantastic options to choose from – one with bright colors and two adorable reindeer and the other in a more cozy and traditional style.


Add some sparkle to your Christmas with these fabulous glittery stockings! These gorgeous Christmas stockings will be shimmering all December long!


Obviously, we think that this stocking idea is the greatest of all! What could be better than an elf themed stocking?! These wonderful stockings look just like elf boots and could not be cuter – perfect for all elf lovers!

There you have it – 18 amazing Christmas stocking ideas! Hopefully you have found what you were looking for – whether that be your perfect stocking, or simply some inspiration!

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