Christmas Words Starting With E

Christmas Words Starting With E

Engage in a Christmas word game or engineer a letter-themed Christmas party, whatever the purpose, if you’re searching for Christmas words starting with the letter E, you’ll discover an extensive list below!

Obviously, being a website all about Christmas Elves, we’re excited to talk about Christmas words that begin with E because the most obvious Christmas ‘E’ word (to us anyway) is Elf!!!

As is our usual pattern with these Christmas words alphabetical suggestions, we’ll begin with just the list of words for easy reference, then, further down below, you’ll find our reasoningings for these words to be considered ‘Christmassy’ so that you can justify them if you need to, depending on whatever game you might happen to be playing (and who is in charge!).

christmas words beginning with e

Christmas Words Beginning With E

  • Elf
  • Elves
  • Eggnog
  • Excitement
  • Eve
  • Emmanuel
  • Evergreen
  • Exchange
  • Ember
  • Epiphany
  • Enjoyment
  • Entertainment
  • Exultation
  • Events
  • Express
christmas words that begin with the letter e

As you can imagine, coming up with Christmas words that begin with the letter E can be difficult, and we know some of the above words might seem like a bit of a stretch, but now we’ll explain them for you to justify their use as Christmas words.


Obviously our favorite Christmas ‘E’ word! As you probably know already, we elves are Santa’s helpers who make toys in his workshop at the North Pole.


The plural of elf, representing the many magical beings who assist Santa Claus.


A traditional holiday drink made with milk, cream, sugar, whipped eggs, and often alcohol, associated with Christmas celebrations.


The feeling of anticipation and joy that comes with the holiday season, especially for children awaiting Christmas Day. Nothing is as exciting as waiting for bedtime on Christmas Eve!


No, not the biblical ‘Adam & Eve’, this Eve refers to Christmas Eve, the night before Christmas, when many people celebrate with family gatherings, meals, and traditions, and many children wait in great excitement for Santa Claus to visit.


A name for Jesus Christ meaning “God with us,” often used in Christmas carols and hymns. ‘Oh come, oh come Emmanuel…’


Trees like pines and firs that remain green throughout the year, symbolizing eternal life and often used as Christmas trees – ‘not only green in summer’s glow, but in the winter when it snows’!


Refers to the tradition of exchanging gifts during Christmas, symbolizing love and generosity. Also an important ‘e’ word when referring to a Christmas Gift Exchange Game (of which there are many different types, find out more here).


Reminds us of the warm, glowing fires often enjoyed during the Christmas season for both warmth and ambiance.


A Christian holiday on January 6th that celebrates the visit of the Magi (Three Wise Men) to the baby Jesus, marking the end of the Christmas season.


The pleasure and happiness that people experience during Christmas through celebrations, gifts, and time spent with loved ones.


Activities such as Christmas movies, caroling, and holiday performances that bring joy and amusement during the festive season.


The great joy and triumph felt during Christmas, celebrating the birth of Jesus and the joy of the season.


Various activities and gatherings during the Christmas season, such as parties, parades, and church services. It seems like December is full of Christmas Events.


Refers to the Polar Express, a popular Christmas story and movie about a magical train ride to the North Pole, as well as the idea of expressing love and joy through gifts and greetings.

christmas word that begins with e

Exploring Christmas words that start with the letter “E” offers a delightful glimpse into the rich tapestry of the holiday season. From the whimsical world of we Christmas Elves and the comforting warmth of eggnog, to the profound significance of Emmanuel and the enduring symbol of the evergreen tree, each word brings its own unique charm and meaning to Christmas. 

The excitement and exultation that fill our hearts, the cherished events and entertainment we look forward to, and the traditions of gift exchange and enjoyment with loved ones all contribute to the magical atmosphere of the season. These words encapsulate the essence of Christmas, reminding us of the joy, love, and togetherness that define this special time of year.

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