Elf Door Wreath

elf door wreath

Time to get excited and start decorating your home for Christmas! We’re so excited that the most wonderful time of the year is upon us again, we elves can hardly contain our excitement for a minute longer!

Lucky for us there is plenty of decorating to do to keep us busy until the big day arrives. When decorating your house for Christmas, you have to have a Christmas wreath on your front door – you want the world to know that you’re excited and ready for Christmas and a wreath is the perfect way to display your love for Christmas.

But, rather than just a traditional wreath this year, what if you paid homage to your favorite elves and put up an elf door wreath? We got pretty excited about the thought of an elf wreath, so we did some digging around for you and have found a few elf wreaths for you to choose from.

They were not easy to come by, so, if you decorate your house with an elf door wreath, you can be pretty sure you’ll be one of the only houses in the neighborhood decorated this way – it’s always good to be a trendsetter – especially when the trend is elves!

Here are some elf themed Christmas door wreaths for you to choose from:

First off there’s this little guy who would look so cute greeting your guests!

Or, you might prefer this happy little guy:

If you think an elf’s backside would be a fun way to greet your guests, we’ve got just the wreath for you! It even lights up!

If you’re a fan of the story of The Grinch, you might like this elf themed wreath welcoming people to Whoville.

For a Christmas wreath with elf legs, this one is hard to beat, and it lights up for a pretty night time display.

Or maybe this elf surrounded by ribbons would suit the aesthetic of your front door?

If you’re fond of more of a gnome style elf, this could be the wreath for you:

While elf surveillance is not really our thing (in fact we think elves just want to enjoy the fun of Christmas rather than tattle on the little people), if it’s your thing, you might get a kick out of these elf themed wreaths.

No elves died in the making of this wreath, although several elf legs are attached!

Meanwhile, this jumble of elf parts is sure to make your house feel festive!

Or, there’s this cute little fellow, just waiting to greet your guests and passing pedestrians!

We hope we haven’t overwhelmed you with choices but, hey, you’ve probably got a few doors – don’t just put an elf wreath on your front door! Your back door might like one too! Or maybe even your bedroom doors would like the addition of some festive elf cheer!

Whichever elf door wreath you choose, get ready for happy comments from guests and neighbors when they see the gorgeous little elves who’ll be helping you to get ready for Christmas!

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