Free Stories For Left Right Christmas Game

free stories for left right christmas game

Planning a Christmas party? Want to play a gift swapping game? If you’ve decided to do a ‘Left & Right’ gift passing game, then you’re in the right spot! Below you will find 8 different stories specially written to get those gifts passing back and forth.

If you need a refresher in how to play a Left & Right gift exchange game, you’ll find step by step instructions here. But if you’re a pro and already know what you’re doing, simply read through the stories below and choose the one that you like best (or the one that would best suit your intended audience). 

We’ve got the ‘Wright Family’ story, a nativity story as well as some Santa and Elf themed stories – there’s even a farmyard story and a poem! There are plenty of options to choose from, and, below each story you’ll find a button to press to open up a ‘printable’ version if you’d rather print it out and read it rather than just read off the screen – totally up to you!

Choose your left and right game story now!

santa and the elves left and right story

Santa And The Elves Left & Right Story

Christmas Eve was right around the corner, and Santa Claus was getting ready for his big night. Santa left his cozy house and walked along the road until turning right into his workshop, where the elves were busy preparing the last of the Christmas presents.

“Right, let’s get to work!” Santa said with a twinkle in his eye. “We don’t have much time left.”

Elf Ellie was in charge of the toy trains. She had left the newest model on the right side of her workbench and was now trying to find the right paint color to finish it. She looked left, then right, and finally found the red paint on the left shelf.

Meanwhile, Elf Eddie was wrapping presents. He had a pile of gifts on his left and rolls of wrapping paper on his right. “I’ve left the scissors somewhere,” he muttered, looking around. “Ah, here they are, right under the bows!”

Elf Emily was baking cookies for Santa’s journey. She had just left a tray of freshly baked cookies on the right side of the counter to cool. “These should be just right for Santa,” she said. “Now, where did I leave the sprinkles?” She checked the right cupboard and found them right where she had left them.

Santa’s sleigh was parked right outside the workshop. Elf Eric was busy polishing it to make sure it was shiny and bright. He left his polishing cloth on the left wing of the sleigh while he checked the right side for any missed spots. “Everything looks right and ready,” he said, satisfied with his work.

Inside the reindeer stable, Elf Emma was making sure the reindeer were fed and ready for the big night. She left a bucket of oats on the left side of each stall and a bucket of water on the right. “Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and Vixen, you all look just right for the flight!” she said, patting each one on the nose.

Back in the workshop, Santa was checking his list. “I need to make sure I’ve got everything right,” he said. “The naughty and nice list was left on my desk.” He picked it up and checked it twice, making sure he hadn’t left anyone out.

The elves were bustling around, making sure all the toys were perfect. Elf Ethan had left a stack of toy cars on the left table and was now testing the remote controls. “These should work just right,” he said, driving a car around the workshop.

Elf Ella was in charge of packing Santa’s bag. She left the empty bag on the right side of the room and started filling it with presents. She carefully placed each gift, making sure to leave no space left unused. “This bag is packed just right,” she said with a smile.

As the sun set and the stars began to twinkle, it was time for Santa to head out. The elves gathered around to wish him well. “We’ve left no detail unchecked,” said Elf Evan. “Everything is just right for your journey!”

Santa climbed into his sleigh, took the reins, and with a hearty “Ho, ho, ho!” he was off, flying into the night. The elves waved goodbye, knowing they had done everything right to help Santa on his way.

And so, with a sleigh full of presents and a heart full of joy, Santa left the North Pole, ready to bring Christmas cheer to children all around the world. The elves returned to the workshop, proud of the work they had left behind and ready to rest after a job well done.

Free Printable – Santa And The Elves Left And Right Story

Christmas With The Wright Family

left right christmas story

Christmas was right around the corner, and the Wright family was in a flurry of activity. Mr. Wright had just returned from the store and left the gifts in the right corner of the living room. Mrs. Wright was busy baking cookies in the kitchen. She had left the cookie cutters on the left side of the counter, but soon realized she needed the right ones for her gingerbread men.

“Could you pass me the right cookie cutters?” she asked Mr. Wright, who was decorating the left side of the Christmas tree. He left his task and handed her the right ones.

Meanwhile, their son, Wright Jr., was playing with his toy train set on the right side of the room. He decided to move it to the left side for a change of scenery. His sister, Little Miss Wright, had left her coloring book on the left side of the table and was now looking for the right crayons to color Santa’s suit.

As the day went on, Mr. Wright realized he had left the Christmas lights in the garage. He walked to the right side of the house, where the garage was, but soon remembered that the lights were actually on the left shelf inside. He grabbed the lights and returned to the living room, only to find that he had picked up the wrong box. He sighed, left the room again, and this time made sure he had the right box.

Mrs. Wright was now wrapping presents at the kitchen table. She had left her favorite wrapping paper on the left side of the pantry. After wrapping a few gifts, she noticed that the tape was running out. “I think we have more tape in the right drawer of the desk,” she said aloud. Mr. Wright went to check and sure enough, he found the tape right where she had said.

Wright Jr. and Little Miss Wright were now busy making Christmas cards – they wanted to write one for each of their friends. They left their markers scattered all over the floor. “You two need to clean up and put the markers back in the right place,” Mrs. Wright instructed. They quickly gathered the markers and placed them in the left drawer of their art supplies cabinet.

As evening approached, the Wright family decided to watch a Christmas movie. Mr. Wright left the remote on the right arm of the sofa, and Wright Jr. picked it up to choose a movie. They settled on a holiday classic and made some popcorn. Mrs. Wright left the popcorn bowl on the left side of the coffee table, and everyone grabbed a handful.

During the movie, Mr. Wright realized he had left his glasses in the bedroom. He walked down the hallway, turned left, and found his glasses right on the nightstand. He returned to the living room just in time to see the best part of the movie.

After the movie, it was time to hang the stockings. Mrs. Wright had left the stockings in a box by the fireplace. Mr. Wright took the right one and hung it on the left side of the mantel. They continued this pattern until all the stockings were hung just right.

Before bed, Little Miss Wright left a plate of cookies for Santa on the left side of the fireplace and a glass of milk on the right. “I hope Santa likes what we left for him,” she said with a smile.

As the Wright family headed to bed, they felt the joy and warmth of the holiday season all around them. They knew that everything was just right and there was nothing left to do but to dream of Christmas morning.

And so, with everything in place, the Wright family wished each other a good night, knowing that their Christmas was set to be perfectly right.

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Left Right Nativity Story

left right nativity story

Long ago in the town of Nazareth, Mary received a visit from an angel who told her that she was chosen to be the mother of Jesus. Mary left her home and went right to tell Joseph the news. Joseph was amazed and knew they had to prepare for this holy event.

Soon, a decree went out that everyone had to be counted in their hometowns, so Mary and Joseph left Nazareth and headed right to Bethlehem. The journey was long, and they took the right path through the hills and valleys. Along the way, Mary felt the baby move and knew it was almost the right time for Jesus to be born.

When they arrived in Bethlehem, they looked left and right for a place to stay, but every inn was full. Finally, an innkeeper took pity on them and offered his stable. Mary and Joseph left the bustling streets and went right to the quiet stable. There, among the animals, Mary gave birth to Jesus and laid him in a manger.

That night, out in the fields, shepherds were watching their flocks. Suddenly, an angel appeared to the right of them, and they were terrified. “Do not be afraid,” the angel said. “I bring you good news of great joy. A Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord. You will find him wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.” The shepherds left their sheep and went right to Bethlehem, eager to see this miraculous child.

As they arrived, they saw the bright star that had led them right to the stable. They left no stone unturned and they found Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus, just as the angel had said. The angel was right! The shepherds knelt down, left their gifts, and praised God for what they had seen. Then they left.

Far in the east, wise men had also seen the star shining brightly in the right of the sky. They knew it was a sign of a great king’s birth – and they were right! They left their homeland and traveled right toward the star, bringing precious gifts with them. They journeyed day and night, looking left and right for signs that they were on the right path.

When they arrived in Bethlehem, the wise men found the place where baby Jesus was. They entered and saw the child with his mother, Mary. Joseph was to the right and the stable animals to the left. The wise men knelt down and worshiped him, offering gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. They left their gifts for the baby and then they left the stable, filled with joy and wonder at the sight of the newborn king.

And so, the story of Jesus’ birth spread far and wide, left and right, bringing hope and joy to all who heard it. It left such a lasting impression that we still celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ, to this day.

Left Right Nativity Story Printable

Elf-Themed Left & Right Story

elf themed left and right story

In Santa’s workshop at the North Pole, the Christmas elves were busy preparing for the big day. Elf Eliza had just left her station to grab more toy parts from the supply room on the left. 

She turned left then right, then left again until she found the right supply room. As she returned, she noticed that Elf Evan was having trouble finding the right size screws for the toy trucks he was assembling.

“Did you check the box on the left shelf?” Eliza asked. Evan turned to his left, saw the box, and found the right screws. Luckily there were plenty of them left!

Meanwhile, Elf Ethan was decorating cookies for Santa. He had left the sprinkles on the left side of the counter and the frosting on the right. “I think I need more green frosting,” he said. He looked left and right but realized he had used it all. “I’ll go get some more from the pantry.”

Elf Emily was in charge of wrapping gifts. She had left a stack of presents on the left table and rolls of wrapping paper on the right. “I’ve wrapped so many gifts, I’ve lost track,” she said. “Can someone check if there are more gifts left to wrap? And maybe someone can help me write the gift tags.”

Elf Ella was preparing Santa’s sleigh. She had left the harnesses on the left side of the stable and was now checking the reins on the right. “Everything has to be perfect for Santa’s journey,” she said, making sure the sleigh bells were attached just right.

In another part of the workshop, Elf Eric was testing toys to make sure they worked correctly. He had left a batch of dolls on the right table and a pile of teddy bears on the left. “These toys are just right,” he said, giving a thumbs-up to Elf Eliza.

Elf Ethan returned with the frosting and started decorating again. He left the pantry door open, so Elf Evan closed it as he walked by. “Thanks, Evan,” said Ethan. “I was in such a hurry, I forgot!”

As the day went on, the elves continued their work, moving left and right, making sure every toy was perfect and every gift was wrapped just right. They sang Christmas carols as they worked, spreading cheer and joy throughout the workshop.

Elf Emma was organizing the stockings. She had left the stockings for the reindeer on the right side of the barn and the stockings for Santa on the left. “We can’t forget anyone,” she said. “Everyone deserves a stocking full of treats!”

That evening, Santa came to check on the progress. “You elves have done a wonderful job,” he said. “Everything looks just right for Christmas Eve!”

The elves cheered and high-fived each other. They knew they had worked hard and everything was ready for Santa’s big night. Elf Eliza looked around and said, “We make a great team. Left and right, we’ve got everything covered!”

Santa smiled and said, “Now, it’s time to rest before the big journey. Thank you, my wonderful elves, for all your hard work.”

And so, the elves left the workshop and went right to their cozy bunks, dreaming of a magical Christmas and the joy they had helped create for children right around the world.

Free Printable Elf Themed Left Right Story

A Family Friendly, Funny Left & Right Christmas Story

night before christmas left right story

Twas the night before Christmas, and the elves were in a tizzy. Santa had left his glasses somewhere in the workshop, and without them, he couldn’t read his list. “I know I left them somewhere around here,” Santa said, scratching his head.

Elf Eliza looked right and left, searching high and low. “Santa, did you check the left pocket of your coat?” she asked. Santa checked but found nothing. “Maybe you left them in the right pocket instead?” she suggested. Santa checked again but came up empty.

Meanwhile, Elf Evan was trying to fix a toy train that only turned left. “Why won’t this silly thing go right?” he grumbled. He left his tools scattered everywhere in frustration.

Elf Ethan had his own problems. He had baked a batch of cookies but left them in the oven too long. “Oops, these are a bit crispy!” he said, holding up a charred cookie. “I guess I’ll have to start over.” He tossed the burnt cookies to the right and grabbed fresh dough from the left.

Back in the workshop, Elf Emily was wrapping gifts but kept mixing up the paper. “I left the reindeer paper on the right and the Santa paper on the left, but now they’re all mixed up!” she exclaimed. She looked left and right, trying to find the right paper for each gift.

Elf Ella was attempting to untangle a mess of Christmas lights. “Who left these lights in such a knot?” she asked, shaking her head. She pulled the left end and then the right, but the tangle only got worse.

Just then, Mrs. Claus walked in. “Santa, I found your glasses! You left them in the cookie jar,” she said, laughing. Santa chuckled and said, “I must have been hungry!”

With his glasses on, Santa checked his list. “It looks like everything is almost ready,” he said. “But wait, where’s my hat? I left it right here on this chair!”

Elf Evan piped up, “Santa, you’re sitting on it!” Santa stood up and sure enough, there was his hat, squashed flat. “Well, at least I found it,” he said with a grin.

Elf Ethan brought over a tray of fresh cookies. “These should be just right,” he said, offering one to Santa. Santa took a bite and said, “Perfect! Just the way I like them.”

As the elves continued their preparations, Elf Emily accidentally wrapped herself in gift paper. “Help! I’ve left myself stuck in here!” she cried. The other elves laughed and helped her out, shaking their heads at the silly situation.

Finally, everything was ready. The sleigh was packed, the reindeer were harnessed, and Santa was dressed and ready to go. “Thanks for all your hard work, everyone,” Santa said. “Now, let’s get this show on the road!”

Santa climbed into his sleigh and took the reins. “On Dasher, on Dancer!” he called out. But the reindeer had other plans. They took a sharp left, then a quick right, and Santa almost fell out of the sleigh.

“Whoa there! I said straight ahead!” Santa laughed, holding on tight. The reindeer corrected course and took off into the night, with Santa waving and calling out, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

As the sleigh disappeared into the sky, the elves left the workshop and went right to bed, tired but happy. They knew they’d made this Christmas a memorable one, full of laughter and joy for all of the people right around the world.

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A Funny Left Right Christmas Story For Adults

funny left right christmas story

It was the night before Christmas, and the elves were frantically trying to finish up their work in Santa’s workshop. Santa had left his workshop earlier to enjoy a glass of eggnog, and things had gotten a bit chaotic in his absence.

Elf Eddie had just left the break room after having a few too many candy canes. “I swear, these candy canes are getting stronger every year,” he muttered, swaying slightly as he walked back to his station on the right side of the workshop.

Elf Ellie, who had been in charge of assembling the toys, was having a hard time seeing straight. “I think I left my glasses somewhere,” she said, squinting at the instructions. “Or maybe I’ve had one too many sips of the spiked hot chocolate.”

Over at the wrapping station, Elf Emily was struggling with a roll of wrapping paper. “I left the scissors right here,” she said, fumbling around. “Or was it on the left side? Either way, this paper isn’t going to wrap itself.” She grabbed a pair of kitchen shears from the left side of the table and proceeded to wrap the presents in a very creative, if not entirely neat, fashion.

Elf Evan was supposed to be loading the sleigh, but he was distracted by his phone. “I just need to check one more email,” he said, though it was clear he was scrolling through his dating app. “Did I leave that present on the right or the left?” he wondered aloud, swiping right on yet another profile.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Claus was in the kitchen, whipping up a batch of her famous Christmas cookies. “I think I left the sugar on the left shelf,” she said, reaching for what she thought was sugar but turned out to be salt. “Oh well, Santa likes them a little salty, right?” she laughed.

Santa returned to the workshop, a bit tipsy from the eggnog, and noticed the chaos. “Alright, elves, let’s get this sorted out,” he said, trying to sound authoritative but slurring slightly. He tripped over a toy truck that had been left right in the middle of the floor and landed in a pile of wrapping paper. “I’m okay!” he called out, though his pride was clearly a bit bruised.

Elf Ella was in charge of the reindeer, who were also feeling a bit frisky after someone left the barn door open and they found their way to the peppermint schnapps. “On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and Vixen,” she called, trying to wrangle the reindeer who were now prancing and dancing a little too enthusiastically.

Just then, Santa realized he had left his coat somewhere. “Where did I put that thing?” he wondered. He checked the left side of the room, then the right, and finally found it hanging on the back of Mrs. Claus’s chair. “Why do I always leave things lying around?” he grumbled good-naturedly.

As Santa finally got ready to leave, he noticed that Elf Eddie was about to load the sleigh with a big bag of candy canes instead of presents. “Whoa there, Eddie! I think you’ve had enough candy canes for one night,” Santa laughed. “Let’s get the right bag this time.”

Mrs. Claus handed Santa a thermos of her special “Christmas Cheer” hot chocolate. “This should keep you warm on your journey,” she said with a wink. Santa took a sip and nearly spat it out. “Whoa, that’s got quite a kick! Thanks, dear.”

Finally, with everything in place, Santa climbed into the sleigh. “Alright, let’s see if we can get this right,” he said, taking the reins. The reindeer, still a bit tipsy, took off with a lurch, veering left before straightening out.

As the sleigh soared into the night, Santa called out, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! And remember, next year, let’s leave the eggnog until right after the work is done!”

The elves watched Santa disappear into the sky, then left the workshop and went right to bed, ready to rest after a night of unexpected holiday shenanigans.

Left & Right Game Printable – For Adults

Left & Right Poem

left and right christmas poem

The Wright family Christmas was just beginning,
When Dad left his keys and they all started grinning.
Mrs. Wright hollered, “Who’s ready for cheer?”
“We left all the gifts piled right over here!”

Young Tommy Wright grabbed his coat from the floor,
“I’m right here, Mom, ready to explore!”
Sally Wright followed, with a look of delight,
“Did I leave my mittens on the left or the right?”

The Wrights piled into their trusty old car,
And headed to Grandma’s – it’s not very far.
Dad turned left, then quickly right,
“Which way is it, dear? It’s such a dark night!”

Mrs. Wright laughed, holding the map tight,
“You turned left just then, now turn right at the light.”
Tommy and Sally sang carols with cheer,
Left in the backseat, they loved this time of year.

They reached Grandma Wright’s, their hearts full of glee,
But something was missing; “What could it be?”
Dad scratched his head, “Did we leave something behind?”
“The gifts, they’re left at home! Oh, what a bind!”

Back to the house, they hurriedly drove,
Turning left, then right, through the traffic they wove.
Mrs. Wright chuckled, “We’ll laugh at this plight,
Next year we’ll make sure to get it just right.”

They grabbed all the presents left by the door,
Then headed right back to Grandma’s once more.
Tommy and Sally laughed all the way,
Turning left and then right, what a fun holiday!

Finally settled at Grandma Wright’s place,
The family left all their worries, no, not a trace.
They laughed and they feasted, they sang through the night,
Enjoying the love that made everything right.

So remember the tale of the Wright family’s quest,
Lefts and rights can sometimes be a mess,
But with family and laughter, all in sight,
Everything always turns out just right!

Printable Christmas Left Right Poem

Farmyard Christmas Left Right Story

farmyard christmas left right story

On a snowy Christmas Eve at the Friendly Farm, Farmer Fred left his cozy farmhouse and went right to the barn. “It’s time to get everything ready for Christmas,” he said to his animals.

In the barn, Cow Clara was munching on hay. “Moo-ve over,” she said, nudging Horse Henry to the right. “I need to find the decorations Farmer Fred left somewhere.”

Horse Henry looked left and then right. “I think he left them near the chicken coop,” he neighed. “Let’s go check.”

As they trotted to the chicken coop, they found Chicken Charlie flapping about. “Did you see where Farmer Fred left the decorations?” asked Cow Clara.

Chicken Charlie clucked and pointed with his beak to the right. “He left them right over there, next to the feed bins.”

Pig Patty waddled over from the left side of the barn. “I can help with the decorations,” she snorted. “But first, did anyone see where I left my scarf?”

The animals all looked left and then right. Finally, Goat Gary found the scarf hanging from a fence post on the left. “Here it is, Patty,” he said, nudging it with his nose.

Sheep Sally was busy trying to untangle a strand of Christmas lights. “I think I left the end of the lights somewhere around here,” she bleated, pulling the strand left and then right.

Duck Dave waddled over, quacking. “Let me help, Sally,” he said. He pulled on the lights and they finally came free. “We can hang these on the barn door, right?”

All the animals gathered and worked together to decorate the barn. Cow Clara hung the lights to the left of the door, while Horse Henry hung a wreath on the right. Chicken Charlie and Pig Patty set up a Christmas tree in the middle, with Goat Gary and Sheep Sally adding ornaments they had found left in the loft.

Duck Dave waddled around, supervising. “Everything looks just right,” he quacked proudly.

As the animals admired their work, Farmer Fred returned. “You all did a wonderful job!” he exclaimed. “Now, I have a special treat for everyone.”

Farmer Fred left and returned with a big sack. He pulled out carrots for Horse Henry, apples for Cow Clara, corn for Chicken Charlie, and some delicious slop for Pig Patty. He gave Goat Gary some tasty oats, Sheep Sally a warm blanket, and Duck Dave some extra feed.

“Thank you, Farmer Fred!” the animals chorused, enjoying their treats.

That night, as the snow fell softly outside, the animals snuggled down in their cozy barn. The lights twinkled, the decorations sparkled, and everyone felt the warmth of the holiday spirit.

Farmer Fred left the barn, turning right back toward the farmhouse. “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!” he called out.

And so, with a final look left and right, the animals settled in for a peaceful and joyous Christmas Eve on the Friendly Farm.

Right Left Game Printable – Farmyard Story

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