Gifts For Christmas Lover

Gifts For Christmas Lover

We all know someone who really loves Christmas. Not just loves Christmas but really, really loves Christmas. Whether they sing Christmas carols all year round or start talking about putting up their Christmas tree in August, you just know that Christmas is really special to them.

So what sort of gifts should you buy for the Christmas lover in your life? Christmas things of course! Items and objects that show the world they love Christmas or that just make their Christmas experience a little more fun.

Remember, you don’t have to limit yourself to only giving Christmas themed gifts at Christmas time. A true Christmas lover will appreciate Christmas paraphernalia for birthdays and other times too – after all they want to extend their excitement about Christmas right throughout the year!

So, here’s our list of gift ideas that anyone who loves Christmas would truly appreciate:

Wake up every morning to coffee in a mug that displays your obsessive love of Christmas.
Christmas Mug
Click here to buy it on Amazon.

Christmas T Shirt

Anyone who truly loves Christmas needs a wardrobe full of Christmas tees – here’s a few of our favorites:

Classic Merry Christmas T-shirt


Christmas T Shirt
For the Coffee and Christmas lover

Long sleeved baseball style Merry Christmas Tshirt

Christmas T-Shirt

Christmas Tee
For the Christmas and Wine lover

Christmas Jewelry

This gorgeous Christmas tree pendant necklace would make a beautiful addition to any Christmas lover’s jewelry collection.

Or you could really make a statement with these festive faux pearls!

Every Christmas lover needs a set of Christmas PJs. Why not get the whole family involved with a matching Christmas pajamas set? We especially love this elf-like set because…well, elves!
Christmas Pajamas
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Keep track of all of your Christmas memories, thoughts and ideas with a Christmas Journal.
Christmas Journal
Click here to buy it on Amazon.

Christmas Sweater

Nothing quite expresses how much you love Christmas like this LED light-up Christmas sweater! Sure to be a winner for the Christmas lover in your life!
Christmas Sweater
Click here to buy it on Amazon.

Or take your Christmas sweater wearing to new levels of “out there” with this cool/ugly sweater from Tipsy Elves.
Christmas Jumper
Click here to buy it on Amazon.

Christmas Photo Frame

Keep treasured Christmas memories alive with this gorgeous pewter Christmas photo frame, or this cute light-up Christmas photo frame

Christmas Photo FrameLight Up Christmas Photo Frame

Christmas Wine Glasses

Perfect for Christmas parties and events, how about some Christmas wine glasses? Great for Christmas lovers who love to entertain, or just have a festive glass of wine now and again!
Christmas Glasses
Santa and Snowman

Christmas Stemless Wine Glasses
Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Christmas Wine Glasses

Christmas Inflatables

If you’ve got the space, a giant Christmas inflatable will leave your neighbors with no doubt that Christmas is your favorite! Here’s a couple of our favorites:

Christmas Inflatables
There’s this 8 Ft. Merry Christmas Inflatable by Holidayana.

Christmas Yard Decoration
Or, this 10 Ft. Giant Inflatable Santa Claus by Holidayana.

Christmas Apron

If the Christmas lover in your life is likely to be in charge of cooking Christmas dinner, or maybe just indulge in a bit of holiday baking, they’re going to need a Christmas apron. Being elfishly inclined, we’re rather partial to this elf-style Christmas apron.
Christmas Apron

But the Gingerbread man is also super cute!
Gingerbread Apron

Christmas Blanket

Whether it’s to curl up under and watch your favorite Christmas movies or just to use as a throw, every Christmas lover should have at least one Christmas blanket. Here’s a few that we like:

Snowman Blanket

Hallmark Christmas Blanket

Elf Christmas Blanket
Elf (of course!)

Christmas Candles

With their flickering light and heavenly scent, every household needs a Christmas candle or two!
And, when those candles smell like Christmas trees, candy canes and gingerbread, you just know the holidays have arrived!

Christmas Candles

Click here to buy some Christmas scented candles on Amazon.

Christmas Dress

Perfect for Christmas parties, what could be more elegant than a festive Christmas dress?
Christmas Dress

Or, really turn some heads in this cute snowman dress!
Snowman Dress

A brilliant way to pass the time until Christmas – and fun for the whole family too!

Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle

Click here to buy one on Amazon.

Christmas Pillow Covers

Add some festive cheer to every room of the house with some Christmas pillow covers.

Welcome guests with true festive spirit with a classy Christmas doormat.

Christmas Doormat

The Christmas lover in your life may have everything Christmas …but do they have a Christmas shower curtain?

Christmas Shower Curtain

Make sure every room in the house has a touch of the festive spirit with a Christmas toilet cover! This one is elf themed (of course!)!

Any self-respecting Christmas lover probably already has an elf or two – but you can always add more – the more elves the merrier! Here’s our favorite Christmas elf.

Elf By Stealth

So, there you have it, we hope we’ve inspired you with plenty of suggestions and ideas for gifts you can buy for your Christmas loving friend! Let us know if you have any other suggestions!

Want more gift ideas? Go to to find heaps of gift ideas for everyone.

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