Secret Santa For Halloween

secret santa for halloween

If you’re anything like us elves, then you probably can’t get enough of Christmas. Which is why it makes sense to add a little bit of Christmas to your Halloween celebrations! You’ll be happy to know that there are neighborhoods all over the country who add a little bit of Secret Santa to their Halloween!

In fact there’s a game people play at Halloween time that is rather like playing Elf By Stealth, but instead of delivering a Christmas elf to your friends and neighbors, you deliver a ‘Boo Basket’ with a note that tells them they’ve been ‘Boo’d’. 

There are a few versions of this ‘You’ve Been Boo’d’ note that you can use if you decide to start this Secret Santa/Elf By Stealth Halloween tradition in your neighborhood. 

We elves love making up rhymes, so we made up our own letter that you can print out and deliver if you decide to play. You can find it here.

How To Play Secret Santa For Halloween

How To Play Secret Santa For Halloween

Just like in Secret Santa where your recipient doesn’t know who bought a gift for them, when you play ‘You’ve Been Boo’d’ or Halloween Secret Santa, it’s important that the family or household who you deliver your goodies to doesn’t know that their ‘Boo Basket’ came from you. 

It’s a secret mission – to deliver a basket of Halloween goodies – a ‘Boo Basket’- to a doorstep without anyone seeing you or knowing it was delivered by you.

Deliver your goodies in the daytime when you know no one is home, or dress in dark colors and do a stealthy delivery under the cover of darkness at night. How you deliver your ‘Boo Basket’ is totally up to you, as long as you don’t get seen by your lucky recipient.

You might like to pick two households to deliver your goodies to, to really get the ball rolling and start spreading Halloween treats throughout your neighborhood, or you can just let it trickle along, one house at a time.

Once you’ve delivered your ‘boo basket’, be sure to print out a sign that says ‘We’ve Been Boo’d’ and hang it somewhere near your letterbox or front door so that your neighbors know you’ve already had a turn and they can spread the Halloween spirit on to some other lucky household. 

You can just write ‘We’ve been Boo’d’ on a piece of paper, or you can use our printable sign here.

Boo Basket For Secret Santa For Halloween

halloween secret santa ideas

So, what exactly is a ‘boo basket’ that you need to deliver to play this Halloween Secret Santa game? It can really be anything you want it to be.

If you like to bake, then some homemade, Halloween themed cookies or treats would work well in a Boo Basket. But you can really just fill a basket with any kind of candy or Halloween themed gifts that take your fancy and then deliver them, along with the important ‘You’ve Been Boo’d’ note.

It’s not really what’s in the basket that counts, it’s about bringing a smile to your neighbor’s face and spreading the Halloween spirit through your local streets and neighborhood.

Also, just like playing Elf By Stealth at Christmas, playing a game like this helps you to really connect with the joy of giving for the sake of making someone else happy.

You’re not expecting a thank you or acknowledgement for your gift, in fact you don’t even want your recipient to know that the gift came from you. It really helps you to experience the joy of giving!

Any small basket will do to create your Boo Basket, but you can also choose to use a Halloween themed basket if you prefer. Here are some examples of Halloween style baskets:

And don’t forget to print out our free, printable ‘You’ve Been Boo’d’ note to attach or deliver with your basket somehow. That way your recipient will understand what they need to do to keep the game going through your neighborhood.

Imagine the joy on your neighbor’s faces when they discover the treats you have delivered for them! Will they suspect it was you or your family who ‘Boo’d them’? If you’ve played it well, they’ll never know for sure!

secret santa halloween

Once your delivery/deliveries are complete, you can sit back and relax and watch on as more and more ‘We’ve Been Boo’d’ signs pop up across your neighborhood.

Then you’ll know that you were the start of a great Halloween Secret Santa tradition in your neighborhood – and nobody else will ever know who started it!

And, once Halloween has been and gone, you can start getting ready to play Elf By Stealth to help spread Christmas cheer through your neighborhood too!

Where would your neighborhood be without you? There’d be a lot less Halloween Spirit and a lot less Christmas Cheer if not for you and your fun games!

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