Christmas Games

Christmas Games

Fun Christmas Games to Play with Friends and Family

It’s never too early to start planning your next Christmas party or get together, now is the perfect time!

If you’re looking for Xmas games to play with friends and family this festive season, you’ve come to the right place.  

Check out our list of ideas below, each of these games have been tried and tested and declared winners by the elves in the North Pole!

Santa Limbo

Santa Limbo Christmas GameJust like Limbo but with a twist!

In this game participants stuff a pillow or cushion up their shirt to give them a Santa belly. 

Two people hold a limbo stick (or broomstick or similar), participants with their Santa bellies form a line and limbo under the stick.

The stick gets lowered after each round and people drop out if they don’t make it under. Don’t forget to play some cool Christmas songs while you’re playing to get everybody into the festive spirit!

Ever wondered how hard it must be for Santa (or pregnant women!) to play limbo? Well now you know!

Indoor Snowball Throw

Indoor Snowball ThrowNo need to get cold and wet with this popular game. The “snowballs” are in fact marshmallows and participants pair up to see which pair can throw the most snowballs and land them in their partner’s mouth within a set period of time. Fun and tasty! 

And, maybe when you’re done, you could treat yourselves to a nice cup of hot chocolate – with marshmallows, of course!

Christmas Hot Chocolate

Name That Christmas Carol

Name That Christmas Carol Christmas Game
For a more intellectually stimulating Christmas game, you can’t go past this clever game from you could print out a copy of the quiz for each participant or call them out to the room at large and get the whole group thinking up the answers.

Find the quiz here and the answers (if you need them) here.

Christmas Charades

Like regular charades but with a Christmas spin. You can think up your own Christmas themed charades to act out or, you can use the free printables from here.

Or these printable charade ideas from

Christmas Mad Libs

Everybody loves a game of Mad Libs. This free Mad Libs printable from is great fun for festive hilarity.

Christmas Trivia

Christmas Trivia Christmas GameThere are heaps of options for Christmas trivia – you can use printables and get people to write down their answers, you can ask the questions aloud and get people to be the first to buzz in with their answer, or you can ask the group as a whole to try to guess the answers.

You can come up with your own Christmas trivia questions and answers or you can use some of these great options here.

Candy Cane Pick Up

Candy Cane Pick Up Christmas Game
For this fun Christmas game all you need is a bowl full of candy canes, an empty bowl and some chopsticks (or similar).

Each person takes turns to put 1 chopstick in their mouth and then use the chopstick to hook up a candy cane (no hands!).

Carefully transfer each candy cane into the empty bowl.  See who can gather the most candies in an allotted time period.

Christmas Gift Exchange Games

Christmas Gift Exchange GamesIf everyone at your party has brought along a gift ready for a gift exchange, you need to know you’re options for gift exchange games.

Of course you could just randomly distribute the gifts to participants, but where’s the fun in that? Add some excitement to your present giving with these great Gift Exchange Games.

Happy Home Fairy has a great game where you follow along passing gifts around as a story is read out to the group. It’s a lot of fun, you can find all the details here.

You could play “Musical Gifts” – everyone sits in a circle and, when the (Christmas of course) music starts playing, gifts get passed around the circle. When the music stops everyone gets to keep the gift they’re holding – kind of like pass-the-parcel except everyone’s a winner!

For heaps of great ideas for gift exchange games, check out White Elephant Rules here.

Elf By Stealth

Elf By StealthWe may be biased, but there is no doubt that Elf By Stealth is the best Christmas game you can play this year!

Find out how to play and spread Christmas joy to your friends and family and start a new Christmas tradition in your neighbourhood.

So, start planning your next Christmas party or family gathering now and have fun with these quick and easy games!

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