Magical Elf Door – The Perfect Portal For Elves!

magical elf door

If you’re well acquainted with that other elf – the one on the shelf – then you might already be familiar with some of the many accessories you can get for your elves these days.

But, even if you don’t have an elf on the shelf, if you have a fondness for elves (and maybe even an elf or two that you’ve received from a game of Elf By Stealth), then you might be in the market for some kind of magical elf door.

Some Christmas elves like to visit your house to help you prepare for Christmas, but they also like to pop back to the North Pole from time to time to check in with Santa and visit friends and relatives.

If you’ve got any of these friendly elves living in your house, then you might like to provide them with a magical elf door. That way they can simply go through the door and enter the magical portal that will send them straight through to the North pole.

There are plenty of these magical elf doors to choose from and they come in a few different forms – you can fit them onto your Christmas tree or into the skirting boards. Here are a few elf doors to choose from:

Light Up Elf Door

How cute is this little elf door? It’s all decorated with fairy lights for Christmas!

However, unfortunately, it doesn’t light up so, if that’s important to you, you might need to add some extra fairy lights from your tree. Or grab a cute little set of lights like this to make your elf door light up:

Elf Doors For Skirting Boards

Pretty much any elf door can be installed in or around your skirting boards. Here are some good options:

This one even has a little ladder to help your elf climb up the skirting board and into the door!

Elf Door For Tree

For a more traditional elf door that can be secured to an outdoor tree, this guy is pretty cute:

Or, you could get a more Christmassy colored elf door like this one and secure it to your Christmas tree!

Wooden Elf Door

If it’s a wooden elf door you’re looking for, this one comes complete with a little key and a cute little wooden Christmas tree!

Or there’s this wooden elf door which also has a wooden sign post to make sure your elf doesn’t get lost on his way home.

So, while it’s true that Christmas elves don’t actually need a magical elf door to transport themselves to and from the North Pole, there’s no doubt that they look cute and, if by adding this simple and cute decoration to your house at Christmas time you’re making life a little bit easier for the elves in your life, then that’s a win-win for everybody!

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