Poems From Elf On The Shelf

Poems from elf on the shelf

First of all, you don’t need an elf on the shelf to enjoy using some of these poems. You can play any sort of Christmassy fun with any type of elf.

Here at Elf By Stealth we’re not big fans of the traditional method of elf on the shelf – we just don’t like using elves to manipulate children into ‘good’ behavior. We do, however, think the idea of having little elves around the house to help you prepare for Christmas is a great idea, and can help to add some Christmas magic to the lives of the young people in your house.

So, if you’re having fun with some elves in your house this Christmas and are trying to think of some fun things for the elves to do and ‘say’, then these poems for Christmas elves to use might give you some great inspiration.

Here are some of the poems that our elves have used in the past to communicate with us, feel free to use them where appropriate with your Christmas elves. Chop and change where needed and use small bits of verse as required.

You’ll notice there are some small verses (at the end) to use when asking your children to help out around the house, these can come in handy if you need your little elves to lend a helping hand.

Christmas Elf Poems

Hi there! I’m your new Christmas elf
But you don’t need to leave me up on a shelf!
I’m here to help spread Christmas cheer
And I like to do it every year.

I love nothing more than watching you play
It really brightens up my day!
Put me where I can see what’s going on
Or, better yet, let me tag along.

I’m here to learn, I want to know
Show me your world and I’ll go with the flow.
The big day is coming and I want to know how
You get yourselves ready for Christmas right now.

Show me the lights and show me the trees,
Oh, just show me everything Christmassy, please!

My job is clear and there isn’t a doubt,
I’m here to see what this season’s about.
Let me be a part of your Christmas celebrations
The parties, the singing and the decorations!

Just know that I’m here and I won’t interfere
I just want to help you to spread Christmas cheer!
If everyone’s happy and having some fun
Then I’ll know that my work here this year has been done.

Farewell Poem From Christmas Elf

You’ve taught me a lot about Christmas, it’s true
So I’ll come back again next year just to re-visit you.

I hope you don’t mind, but I want to become
A part of your Christmas adventures and fun.

So, I hope it’s alright if I come back each year
I feel like I fit in alright when I’m here.
I want to become a part of your Christmas tradition
I hope you agree I’m a worthy addition.

Thank you for having me and showing me the way
That your family gets ready for Christmas day!

Poems From Elves To Get Kids To Help Out

There’s work to be done,
But we can work and have fun!

Christmas can be such a busy time
But we’ll have fun doing things together and making it rhyme!

It’s Christmas and we’re all busy as bees,
It’s time to put up our Christmas tree.

I just popped in to say what’s up?
Now it’s time to help tidy up!

It’s time for me to help you bake
The most delicious Christmas cake!

Hanging out with you just can’t be beat
That’s why I brought you this little treat!

christmas elf poems

Below you’ll find links to some other poems intended especially for Elf on The Shelf, but you could really use them with any type of elf.

Free Printable Elf On The Shelf Poems

If you’re looking for free printables to use with your Christmas elf then, these printable poems from localfunforkids.com are perfect.  There’s one to encourage your kids to do some reading with their elf and there’s even one which encourages kids to help tidy up!

Elf On The Shelf Arrival Poem

If you’re happy to use your elf on the shelf to coerce good behavior out of your children, then this elf arrival poem from letsdiyitall.com could be right up your alley.  

Especially if your family is new to the whole Elf On The Shelf thing, then this poem explains the ‘rules’ of playing and teaches the kids about how the elf will be spying on them and making reports to Santa.  

Or, there’s this elf arrival letter from funelfideas.com where, incidentally, you can also find lots of fun elf on the shelf ideas if you’re stuck for things to do with your visitor.

Elf On The Shelf Goodbye Poem

Once it’s time for your elf to leave, this farewell poem from ramshackleglam.com is a sweet reminder of the fun they’ve had with their elf this year and a good way to let the kids know that their elf will be visiting again next Christmas. 

This elf farewell poem from It’s A Mom’s World is also a sweet way to say goodbye to your elf for another year.

The legs and shoes of Santa's elves. EPS10 vector format

So, whether you choose to use some of the poems that we’ve used for our elves over the years or some of the poems from Elf On The Shelf, or maybe even just come up with your own little rhymes and poems for your elf, hopefully we’ve given you some ideas and inspiration for poems elves can use to communicate.

Of course our favorite ever Christmas elf poem is the one used to play Elf By Stealth. It’s the best way to explain how to play Elf By Stealth to your lucky recipient. You can find a free, printable version of it here.

Whatever type of elf you’re using and whatever games your family are playing with them, we’re just glad that you’ve decided to add a little bit of elf magic into your Christmas celebrations!

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