Christmas Themed ‘Would You Rather’ Questions

christmas themed would you rather questions

Looking for a fun game to play at your Christmas party? Or maybe just a fun way to amuse the kids and fill in some time before the big guy finally arrives? These Christmas themed ‘Would You Rather’ questions are just what you need!

how do you play the game would you rather christmas

How Do You Play The Game ‘Would You Rather’?

If you’ve not heard of, or played, ‘Would You Rather’ before, don’t worry, it’s very easy to understand and play.

All you need is 2 or more people and a list of ‘Would You Rather’ scenarios or questions to ask (just like our Christmas themed ‘Would You Rather’ questions below).

Choose one person (or take turns) to read the questions and then the rest of the group simply offer up their answers. It’s a great ice-breaker and a fun way to really get to know the people you are playing with.

That’s as simple and straightforward as the game needs to be, however, it can be ‘gamefied’ further in any way that suits your needs. 

For instance, if you’re having a Christmas party with a large group of people attending you might ask one of the questions and get the room to physically divide themselves into the two groups, for example, ‘People who would rather be a reindeer, stand all together on the left side of the room, and people who would rather be an elf stand together on the right’. 

Then, spin a wheel or roll a dice or use some other method to determine which group is eliminated. They all sit down and then the remaining people play on with the next question until you are left with only one person standing – the winner!

But, as we’ve said, it can be much more simple than that, simply asking the questions and getting everyone’s answers and reasons why can be a fun way to pass the time and can even help to make great dinner conversation!

Now that you’re all over what to do with these free, Christmas themed ‘Would You Rather’ questions, here they are for you to use and enjoy!

christmas would you rather questions

Christmas ‘Would You Rather’ Questions

Would you rather be a reindeer or an elf?

Would you rather have Christmas in Winter or Summer?

Would you rather eat plum pudding or Christmas cake?

Would you rather an artificial Christmas tree or a real one?

Would you rather a star or an angel for the top of your Christmas tree?

Would you rather play Secret Santa or White Elephant?

Would you rather sing Christmas carols or bake Christmas cookies?

Would you rather do your Christmas shopping online or at the mall?

Would you rather drink eggnog or mulled wine?

Would you rather sing old, traditional carols (like ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ and ‘Joy To The World’) or newer Christmas songs (like ‘Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer’ and ‘Winter Wonderland’)?

Would you rather eat Christmas turkey or Christmas ham?

Would you rather be Santa Claus or Mrs Claus?

Would you rather fly in Santa’s sleigh or in an airplane?

Would you rather a white Christmas or a Christmas with no snow?

Would you rather wrap presents or tie bows?

Would you rather watch holiday Christmas movies or curl up with a good book?

Would you rather receive one big (expensive) present or 10 smaller (less expensive) ones?

Would you rather decorate the Christmas tree or decorate Christmas cookies?

Would you rather only be able to listen to Christmas carols/songs for a whole year or only be able to eat Christmas food for a whole year?

Would you rather open your presents on Christmas morning or on Christmas Eve?

Would you rather have your birthday on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve?

Would you rather drink only eggnog for all of December or eat only candy canes for all of December?

Would you rather go Christmas caroling or build a snowman?

Would you rather wear a Santa’s hat every day in December or have a bright red shiny nose every day in December?

Would you rather eat a gingerbread house or make a gingerbread house?

Would you rather eat Christmas cookies with Santa or bake Christmas cookies for Santa?

Would you rather have to eat a whole Christmas turkey in one sitting or never eat turkey again?

Would you rather spend Christmas with your family or with your favorite celebrity?

Would you rather eat Christmas food every day or never again?

Would you rather be famous for starring in a Christmas movie or not famous at all?

Would you rather have ‘Jingle Bells’ stuck in your head or Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas’ stuck in your head?

Would you rather know what all of your Christmas gifts are or be surprised?

Would you rather decorate your Christmas tree or your house?

Would you rather decorate early or wait till very close to Christmas?

Would you rather only eat candy canes for a whole year or only eat Christmas cookies for a whole year?

Would you rather watch Christmas carolers or be one of the Christmas carolers?

Would you rather travel for Christmas or be at home for Christmas?

Would you rather cook the Christmas dinner or do the washing up?

Would you rather be stuck in a room with Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas’ playing and only eggnog to drink, or be stuck in a room with Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ playing and only candy canes to eat?

Would you rather attend every Christmas party/event you’ve been invited to or miss every one of them and stay at home minding the children?

Would you rather eat only Christmas cookies or only drink hot cocoa?

Would you rather have Christmas decorations up all year or never be able to put them up again?

Would you rather fly with Santa in his sleigh and help deliver all the presents or be tucked up safely in bed sleeping until Christmas morning?

Would you rather receive the best Christmas present ever and then never get any presents ever again, or receive average/mediocre presents every Christmas for the rest of your life?

Would you rather never listen to Christmas music again or have to listen to your least favorite holiday song 10 times every single day (but after that you can listen to whatever music you feel like)?

Would you rather receive a fun gift or a useful gift?

Would you rather watch ‘Elf’ or ‘Arthur Christmas’?

Would you rather have fancy Christmas themed fingernails or wear a fancy, Christmas themed hair-do?

Would you rather shop for Christmas presents by yourself or with someone else?

Would you rather get a person who is really hard to shop for for Secret Santa or not be involved in a game of Secret Santa at all?

Would you rather deliver an Elf by Stealth or receive an Elf by Stealth?

Would you rather dress like an elf or wear a Santa costume?

Would you rather watch ‘Home Alone’ or one of these Christmas movies about elves?

Would you rather have an ‘Elf on the Shelf’ living in your house or receive an Elf By Stealth?

christmas would you rathers

Of course here at Elf By Stealth, we know that we’d rather play Elf By Stealth than any other Christmas game, but, if you’re looking for a fun and easy game to play at your Christmas party, or even in the classroom during the holiday season, then these ‘Would You Rather’ Christmas questions are sure to come in handy!

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