Famous Christmas Elves

famous christmas elves

There are many famous Christmas elves. Our favorite, obviously, is any elf used to play Elf By Stealth!

But, we’re aware that playing Elf By Stealth is a relatively new Christmas tradition and not something that everyone in the world is aware of, so we guess you couldn’t really call our elves famous!

So, who are the most famous Christmas elves of all time? Here’s a few that we could think of off the top of our heads:

Elf On The Shelf

Truthfully, this guy is not our favorite elf, but there’s no denying that he’s famous!

While we love the concept of enjoying the lead up to Christmas with some elf antics and fun supplied by this famous elf, we’re not so keen on the idea that he’s been sent by Santa to be a spy.

Using an elf to manipulate the behavior of children is not cool in our eyes, but if he’s just used for fun and games and to build excitement for the holiday season, then he deserves a place in the elf hall of fame!

Famous Elves From Movies

Elf MovieProbably the most famous Christmas elf of all is Buddy The Elf played by Will Ferrell in the aptly named Christmas movie ‘Elf”. 

There are plenty of other Christmas elves made famous from their appearances in Christmas movies, you can find them all in our elf movies list here.  

Famous Traditional Christmas Elves

Before television and movies were invented, Christmas elves were a part of folklore. Stories were told to children about how Santa Claus had elves helping him to make toys in the North Pole, which he would then distribute to all the ‘good’ boys and girls at Christmas.

As it was all told in tales of folklore, nobody actually knows just how many elves Santa has working with him but, traditionally speaking, there are said to be a few famous Christmas elves who help Santa out each year.

Here are the famous traditional Christmas elves and their duties that they perform to help Santa Claus, but remember, these are just the famous or well known ones, it is likely that Santa has many, many more Christmas elves hard at work to make the magic of Christmas for us all each year!

Alabaster Snowball

Alabaster Snowball is known to be the elf who is in charge of Santa’s “Naughty and Nice” list, so, if you want to impress Santa, you need to ‘get in the good books’ with Alabaster Snowball!

Pepper Minstix

Pepper Minstix is said to be the Christmas elf responsible for guarding Santa Claus’s secret village in the North Pole and ensuring that the whereabouts of Santa Claus remains hidden and a secret to the rest of us.

Sugarplum Mary

Sugarplum Mary is also sometimes known as Mary Christmas (see what she’s done there!), and  is the Christmas elf  in charge of all the candy and sweet treats that Santa delivers to the children of the world.

She has also been known to help out Mrs. Claus in the kitchen when she needs an extra pair of hands.

Bushy Evergreen

Bushy Evergreen is the very clever Christmas elf who is said to have created the toy-making machine used to make all of the toys that Santa delivers each year to all of the children all over the world.

Wunorse Openslae

Wunorse Openslae is the designer of Santa’s sleigh. As well as maintaining the sleigh and making sure it’s fit and ready to fly, he also takes care of Santa’s famous reindeer and makes sure they’re in tip top shape ready for flight on Christmas Eve. 

Shinny Upatree

Shinny Upatree is the Christmas elf who is believed to be Santa Claus’s oldest friend. Shinny is also said to be a co-founder of the hidden village where all the Christmas magic takes place. 

So, if you’re looking for famous Christmas elves, these 6 traditional elves of folklore are six elves who are well known to Santa Claus himself, so that’s got to make them pretty famous in our eyes!

They’ve also got such great, Christmas-y names so, if you’re looking for some Christmas elf name ideas, you can check out our list of Christmas elf names here, or use these 6 famous Christmas elf names as inspiration!

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